Music and gangs – essays

Music articles by Natalia Kubiak (2g)

Published in March, 2014.

Chapter 1

The World of Heavy Music

People around the world listen to really different types of music. Some people want to hear something fast and loud but others want to listen to calmly music. There are a lot of kinds of music. Some of them are strange but it doesn?t matter, what matters is that a few sounds can save the life, help deal with addictions or give meaning to life. Everyone should have the choice of music. Everyone can listen to what they want and we must respect it.

In every genre of music there are stars who give it bad publicity and make other people not want to listen to it. For example: in hip-hop music, a lot of artists were or are in prison. In lyrics there is a lot of offensive language. Hip-hop isn?t the exception. In Norway, in the 90s there were a lot of incidents which caused that Norway was ingloriously called ?Capital of death metal?. We must remember that there aren?t many incredible stories like the one below. So, let?s look at the story of.. Burzum!

Burzum is a musical project of a Norwegian musician and writer Varg Vikernes. ‘Burzum’ means ‘dark’ in black speech.

Dead was dead before he was dead. What does it mean? Let’s see. Together with Euronymous, Dead was a member of a Norwegian band called Mayhem. Dead was the first musician ever who used corpse paint. He also buried his clothes in the ground and next he performed in it at concerts. It’s sounds crazy but Dead prefered to be corpse, not just a person.

On 8 April 1991, Dead was alone in the house. When Euronymous returned, he found Dead dead on the floor. Euro didn’t call the police but he went to the shop and bought a camera to take a photo of his body! Later he used this photo on one of Mayhem’s albums called ‘Dawn of the black hearts’.

After this, in 1993, Varg, member of the Burzum, killed Euronymous with a knife. He burnt a few churches in Norway too. He went to prison for 21 years. During the lawsuit, he was smiling at the camera and after this a lot of people said that he was mentally ill. Now, Varg is living with his wife and children in France.

Finally, we see that some people who have big talent are sometimes criminals too. The behavior of the person I wrote about isn?t normal, but remember, not every person in metal music has crazy ideas like Varg or Euronymous. Metal fans and musicians are normal people who make good music.

Published in May, 2014.

Dangerous angels

All over the world are organizations of people who have their own rules, symbols and also views of the world. These groups of people are called subcultures. One of such groups are motorcycle? clubs. Motorcycles can only be a hobby and passion but such clubs can also be a front of criminal organizations. Let?s examine who the Hells Angels are – one of many subcultures.

Harley Davidson motorcycles, leather jackets, tattoos, heavy rock and long hair – all these things remind us of Hells Angels. We can read that they aren?t just the children of 60s but they?re an elite gang.

Illegal motorcycle clubs started forming after the 2nd World War. In those times soldiers were coming back to their homeland and they couldn?t get accustomed to living in peace. So, they wanted to escape from thinking about their experiences related to the war and to do it were riding motorcycles. Hells Angels weren?t dangerous – they were only loud and fast.

Member of Hells Angels can only be white men who don?t have anything to do with the police.
They got the bad reputation after Rolling Stones?s concert where they were bodyguards. Their intervention ended with four killed men and a lot of wounded.
There were a lot of internal conflicts within the gang because of drugs. They have a code related to drugs. They can?t make but they can trade them. People say that they are not just the men with motorcycles, they?re part of drug business.

Angels have a characteristic symbol – it?s a skull with large wings. Hell Angels have also their own tattoos and patches. Members can choose two designs ?1%? (because they?re one percent of American?s organizations) and acronym ?F. T. W? (it means f*** the world).

In my opinion, Hells Angels are a really mysterious organization. They can be dangerous but they also have the rules which they don?t break. Everyone has some interests, some of them are harmless and common but others are a bit more dangerous and unusual.