Romantic Ambush – story

Story by Błażej Zmyślony (2d).

Romantic Ambush

There were two lovers who lived in a small town. They had some family problems so they both went away to the mountains so that they could spend some time with each other in peace.

Having arrived, they started looking for a place where they could sit for a few hours. After a couple of minutes, they found a lovely hill over an abyss. The hill was surrounded by lots of high trees, so when looking from the hill, you could see only their upper branches. The lovers sat at the top of the hill and began to admire the nearby landscapes. None of them expected so thrilling ending of this journey…


Living in a small town is always tough. Their house was quite big, with a garden and a pond. They had no children, but they had two animals – a chinchilla ?TicTac? and a crocodile ?Donut? – which they loved very much.

He was a weapon vendor in the nearby city. He adored weapons, especially AK-47. He had many of these at home, and he loved to spend time polishing them. She was a translator of many foreign languages. It wasn?t hard work for her. However, she had to leave home very often due to her job requirements, which wasn?t good for their relationship. The mountain trip was caused by a tragedy which happened over the weekend.


It was a very calm evening. The man had some paper work, the chinchilla was eating something in its cage and the crocodile was sleeping in the pond. The woman had been called to leave home in order to translate something in a remote city. Then the man also decided to leave and drink some beer with his friends. When they were away, the chinchilla left its small home and went to the garden, seeking more food. When it was wandering around the garden, the crocodile Donut woke up and devoured TicTac.

Having returned home, the lovers had an argument about it. The woman had warned her mate many times to take care of the chinchilla and prevent the crocodile from eating it. After all these problematic moments they decided to go for a trip.


The sun started hiding behind the trees and the sky slowly turned red. The lovers kept quiet – they were deep in thought. Suddenly, a giant python jumped out of the trees. Luckily, the man had his AK-47 with him and killed the dangerous reptile. He felt relief – he rescued himself and the woman of his life. He was also glad that they didn?t die without making up. These thoughts convinced him that their quarrel was just stupid and senseless. After this event they made up and happiness returned to their lives. The lovers thought that they were now completely safe. Nothing more misleading! The second python-monster attacked! (It was probably the mother of the previous one).

[Ending No. 1]
The two lovers decided to jump into the endless abyss. It was better for them to die in the darkness than in the creature?s stomach. The lovers? souls merged in heaven eternally.


[Ending No. 2]
The man had one grenade left with him. He decided to blow up everything and thus the creature could feel his wrath. The lovers? souls merged in heaven eternally.


Published in January 2014.