Thriller by Kasia

Thriller story written by Kasia Kasprzak (2g).

Published in March, 2014.

Chapter 1

So far, I led a normal, boring and difficult life of a teenager. My only problems were bad marks, an argument with a friend or the attempt to get a boyfriend. I really didn?t have hardly any problems then, compared to now. Paranormal has become my tiring everyday. What’s worse – I couldn?t tell anyone about what I see, hear, and feel every day. They would consider me crazy. But, perhaps, I am crazy?

My dad–Mark Laurent was, admittedly, a very impulsive person. As a journalist, he traveled all around the world, gathering material for articles. Once he lunged at his colleague from work and beat him for the fact that the editor hadn?t given any coverage to my father, only his colleague. It was hard for him to get away but he escaped any significant penalty.
Mom was a typical businesswoman. She was everywhere, always went to a meeting with the leaders of large corporations. But every time she came home she whined that she is tired and needs a vacation. Yes, of course, she took a two weeks? leave and flew to some exotic island unfortunately without us-her family. Me and my dad were always on our own. When she was in Jamaica, we drove to the lake, fished, and then had a fireplace. We baked sausages and marshmallows and stayed overnight in a tent. Once, when I asked my mom if I can go on vacation with her, she replied , ‘No, you can?t, because I traveled on business, darling,’ and smiled crookedly. Yeah, for a business trip to the savannah she went, for sure. Just curious, why don?t you want to take us, but always traveled with her aide-Brad Dolt. So, most of my life I was reliant on myself. Dad tried to visit me as often as it possible, but you know–all work and no play…

Let’s back up from years to the day on which for the first time in my life I had contact with someone with paranormal abilities.

Like every evening I came to Mr. Churchberry?s bar and sat down at the counter. The owner saw me and he smiled radiantly shifting a cup of cocoa to me, then slid it in my direction.
In a small room sat about 10 people but no one was disturbing anyone. Uncle Berry gladly accepted all the people who came to the bar. At one table there was sitting a group of teenagers, somewhere in my age, talking about something fiercely, shouting something loudly every now and then.

?And how do you like your cocoa?? Asked me Uncle .
?As always, delicious. I don?t know what you added to it , but it?s delicious.? I laughed and took a sip. Someone came into the bar, slamming mercilessly at the door. All eyes focused on meeting him, the dark-haired man in the gray, soggy sweatshirt. He walked over to the bar and sat down next to me. He looked at me briefly, then turned to Mr Churchberry.
?I?ll have my usual, sir,? he muttered under his breath but Uncle understood and already prepared something for him.
?Who is it?? I heard the voice of one of those kids.
?Ian Jordan,? the red haired girl whispered and ceased to scrape the table.

I wonder who he is, we all froze when he entered. I have been coming here a couple of months almost every day and never saw him here. Involuntarily I glanced sideways at him, and immediately regretted it. He watched me, so rudely, at that.
?Go ahead,? Mr Churchberry handed him a glass of rather strange liquid. The man looked at the liquid then took the glass in both hands and drank the entire content at once. Winced when drinking, but quickly turned and put his empty glass. From the corner of his mouth came out a little bit of something. He wiped a trickle almost immediately and pulled out his wallet, didn’t ask for a change from the bill he put it on the counter and left, muttering something under his breath.
?That was weird. Very strange,? blondes muttered low, sitting by the window. Nobody stared at the outgoing character. The man paused at the door and looked behind himself, pointing straight at me.
?Want to go, or stay?? he had a low, hoarse voice, as if he had drank nothing for a couple of days. Meekly, I stood up, grumbled, a ‘Thank you’ to Uncle Berry and headed toward the exit. I’ve heard whispers of other followers of this strange situation. In my mind, reprimanding myself. ‘Am I crazy? Am I sure I should be going with this guy! It?s dark, cold and I don?t even know him!?
?Oh, Mummy, ? I muttered under my breath, starting behind Ian. The street, which was the entrance to the bar, was dark as usual. The dim light bulb hanging above the entrance illuminated the man’s back. Suddenly he turned to face me and asked ?How do you know?? He approached me.?Tell me, how much did they tell you??
?What do you mean? What do I have to tell? Who had told me?!? I squealed louder and louder with fear. Ian stood about half a meter in front of me and stared at me.
?You don?t know?? He asked sheepishly.
?What do I have to know?? I screamed and immediately came to my senses. Congratulations, I roared to a complete stranger. He instead explained nothing to me, turned on his heel and headed for the wall. ?Where are you going?? He didn?t answer. He quickened and I was almost one hundred percent sure that if he didn?t stop he?d collide with the wall. ?Hey, you know that you are going straight into the wall?? He quickened again but this time started to run. I thought he was going to hear a loud ‘or’ but nothing happened. Ian just walked into a wall. He disappeared. I stood rooted to the spot in front of the entrance, staring at the place where he should be standing.

?You have to learn a lot, Skylar.? I heard a hoarse voice just next to my ear. I turned around and what I saw I made me speechless.

Published in June, 2014.

Chapter 2

Just take away this little piece of fur.

If you expected not to know what it is you were wrong. In front of me I saw a tiny, black bead of fur. It was shaking and looked at me with its big eyes. After a moment, awkwardly it approached to me and squatted on my shoes.

?You, kitty, go home,? I muttered, trying to gently move the cat from me. The baby meowed lovely and scratched my sneakers. ?Go away, you little piece of fur. I don?t like cats,? I repeated louder moving back a few steps. The kitty looked at me, cocking its head. I sighed and crouched. ?Come on. I’ll bring you to the bar.? The kitty toddled up to me, jumped into my hands and snuggled into my neck, purring loudly. ?Cool, I’ll start to sneeze, scratch up, coughing, and who knows what else because of my allergy? I grumbled, opening the door.

The room was deathly quiet.
?Did he do anything to you??the short, blond-haired boy looked at me askance.
?Did he have to do something?? I answered with the question.
?Um, no. No, probably not. I don?t know. It doesn?t matter.? The boy buried his face in lengthy hair and his friends even trembled with laughter.
?Good, that’s enough of a good thing. Who wants a cat?? I asked seriously. I have to give it away. Such a small black just came and lingering under my feet, getting in the way. So, who wants it? I see a sea of hands,? I muttered. ?People, please. I’m allergic to cats. I can?t take it? The Black ball moved somewhere near my neck. Through the curtain of my hair appeared its small, black head.
??Oh, it?s so cute?? Mr Churchberry came to me and took the kitty. ??I?ll take care of it, I promise,?? he smiled and went with black kitten to the back of the bar.
??So, thanks. Bye.?? I went out into the street and went home slowly. After a few minutes I heard someone?s shout.
??Skylar, wait!?? the blond-haired boy stopped next to me. I knew him from Mr Churchberry?s bar.
??Huh? What do you want from me???
??Ian? he came back to the bar!?? He was breathing heavily.
??I don?t care,?? I bloated my cheeks, looking at him.
??He wants to talk to you,?? he replied gravely.
??Oh sh? Come on!??

A few minutes later we burst into the bar. Ian was standing against the wall. He was holding the black kitty.
??Here she comes. Hello again, Skylar,?? the man lifted the corner of his mouth. ??Thanks for finding my cat.?? He winked at me and went out.
??What was this suppose to mean??? I was shocked because of his behavior. ??I?m going. Bye.?? I quickly returned home. I immediately threw myself on the sofa and soon fell asleep.


The headmaster came into the classroom. Everyone immediately fell silent.
”Hello! A new history teacher has joined the school staff. Please, meet Professor Ian Jordan.”

It was him. The guy from last night. He looked at me and smiled mockingly. I think it?s going to be an interesting lesson, not only of history.