Writing challenge (2 submissions)

In this post we’ll be publishing short stories inspired by a writing contest. The rules were simple: don’t write more that 190 words and begin the story with the words “Sasha wished he/she had remembered to bring his phone”.

Published in November, 2015.

Sasha wished he had remembered to bring his phone. He would have been able to take a photo of what he saw. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes. On the field behind his house there was a sparkling stone, probably of extraterrestrial origin. It fell from the sky with a boom. At first Sasha hesitated to touch it, scared of where it may have come from but excited about this unusual discovery. Finally, he picked it up and took home. He put the stone safely under his bed.

The next day, Sasha decided to find out more about this fascinating object. He brought it to his father’s friend, who was thought to be a distinguished, though a bit crazy scientist and astronomer. Mr. Jones believed in aliens and other unusual things, that’s why he offered to examine the metal at once.

The results came after months of waiting. They were surprising: the object’s surface was covered with minerals which can be found only on Mars. Both Sasha and Mr. Jones became famous and the stone was given for further examinations to NASA. Years later, the boy became an astronaut and discovered more secrets of the universe.

Małgorzata Urbaniak, 3b

Sasha wished she had remembered to bring her phone. Like everyday she overslept and had to leave her flat in 15 minutes. Recently Sasha had started studying in Moscow. Winters there are really hard and maybe that?s the reason why she wouldn’t want to leave her apartment.

The pavements seemed to be abandoned. As she was walking down the street she suddenly saw a man calling her. She whispered, “Who is he?” That was Fernando, her schoolmate. She was totally surprised. Last time they talked was when they were both 10. He had gone to his homeland with his family. But now he was back and under a spell of Sasha.

She was in a hurry but he just wanted to invite her for pasta. Sasha was glad but she realized that she hadn’t brought her bag. She became upset and started saying she couldn’t deal with anything. She was resigned, said goodbye and ran to her university. She couldn’t focus on anything. But she didn’t realize why.

5 hours later she left and saw Fernando next to the gate with two cups of hot tea. She was totally confused but came closer. “Now you won’t run away, let’s go to the restaurant on the corner of the street”, he offered and smiled. Sasha was surprised. She didn’t expect that one of the apparently normal days could change everything.

Natalia, 1aj