New writing task (1 submission)

Task for November/December 2015:

Write a flash fiction story about an argument between a mother and a daughter. Your word limit is 200.

Flash fiction is mini-fiction — very short stories in different genres, with a word limit.

If you want to write an intriguing flash fiction story, follow some of the tips from experts:

  • surprise the reader
  • be concise
  • make your prose intense
  • limit your number of scenes
  • make sure you have a character
  • choose an effective title

To look at examples of mini-fiction crime pieces go here.

To submit a story, email me and share it in Google Docs.


Guilty is flower

Friends call her Daisy because she’s fond of this flower. She lives in a block of flats in Seattle with her mother. They argue from time to time but they can always reach an agreement. This time seemed to be similar but it wasn’t.

Mary was coming home after school with her best friend, Gina. They passed the flower shop and went straight to Mary’s home. Gina was talking to her but Mary looked vague.
“Wait a moment,”she said and ran back to the flower shop. Gina got angry and didn’t wait.
Mary came back home late but her mother didn’t ask her anything after she had seen her purchase. She just became pale. Mary brought home an enormous Droseraceae. “You know the rules, we won’t kill any animals even if they’re flies,” she screamed. But Mary was too enraptured to take it back to the flower shop. “I’ll do everything you want if you let me keep it,” Mary answered.

A real struggle ensued. They started shouting at each other and eventually their neighbour decided to call the police. Officers came and couldn’t believe because they were summoned to… a flower.

Natalia, 1gr

Published in December 2015.